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quality solid wood furniture furniture

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harvested lumber, we offer heirloom-quality furniture at 40% or more below showroom prices. Handcrafted in small towns throughout America, each piece is custom made to your specifications, signed by the craftsman and delivered to your home, typically in 6-8 weeks. Enjoy.

quality solid wood furniture furniture

100% Solid Wood

No MDF, no particle board, no veneer, no shortcuts. Just handcrafted originals guaranteed to last for generations.

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quality solid wood furniture furniture

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Whether you want a special size, design modifications or even a 1-of-a-kind original, we can help. It's simple and affordable.

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Bathroom Lavs

Bedroom & Bath
Bathroom Lavs
Mayfield Dry Sink
Okanogan Wash Stand
 About Bathroom Lavs from
Looking for a bathroom vanity? You have come to the right place. Our website is your source for solid wood bathroom vanities handcrafted by more than 70 American craftsmen. We offer custom bathroom vanities in a wide variety of styles including Victorian bathroom vanities, lodge bathroom vanities, rustic bathroom vanities, Windsor bathroom vanities, Queen Anne bathroom vanities, French bathroom vanities, country French bathroom vanities, French Provincial bathroom vanities, mission bathroom vanities, shaker bathroom vanities, country bathroom vanities, arts & crafts bathroom vanities, craftsmen bathroom vanities, early American bathroom vanities, Georgian bathroom vanities, Louis Philippe bathroom vanities, colonial bathroom vanities, Tuscan bathroom vanities, Spanish bathroom vanities, western bathroom vanities, loft bathroom vanities, formal bathroom vanities, small bathroom vanities, contemporary bathroom vanities even modern bathroom vanities.

Wood bathroom vanities (often referred to as wooden bathroom vanities) can be handmade from many types of real wood (including but certainly not limited to solid oak bathroom vanities). Oak bathroom vanities are very popular hardwood bathroom vanities as are brown maple bathroom vanities, elm bathroom vanities, lyptus bathroom vanities, cherry bathroom vanities, walnut bathroom vanities, maple bathroom vanities, hickory bathroom vanities, quartersawn oak bathroom vanities, and rustic cherry bathroom vanities.

Looking for a bath vanity? You have come to the right place. Our website is your source for solid wood bath vanities handcrafted by more than 70 American craftsmen. We offer custom bath vanities in a wide variety of styles including Victorian bath vanities, lodge bath vanities, rustic bath vanities, Windsor bath vanities, Queen Anne bath vanities, French bath vanities, country French bath vanities, French Provincial bath vanities, mission bath vanities, shaker bath vanities, country bath vanities, arts & crafts bath vanities, craftsmen bath vanities, early American bath vanities, Georgian bath vanities, Louis Philippe bath vanities, colonial bath vanities, Tuscan bath vanities, Spanish bath vanities, western bath vanities, loft bath vanities, formal bath vanities, small bath vanities, contemporary bath vanities even modern bath vanities.

Wood bath vanities (often referred to as wooden bath vanities) can be handmade from many types of real wood (including but certainly not limited to solid oak bath vanities). Oak bath vanities are very popular hardwood bath vanities as are brown maple bath vanities, elm bath vanities, lyptus bath vanities, cherry bath vanities, walnut bath vanities, maple bath vanities, hickory bath vanities, quartersawn oak bath vanities, and rustic cherry bath vanities.

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Whether you are an interior designer or shopping for your own home, we think you will find our website to be the ultimate source among online bathroom lav stores and bathroom lav shops. Thanks for visiting our site and please call us if you have any questions.